The CobotWagen is the ideal foundation for your mobile collaborative robot solution. With the CobotWagen, a cobot can be easily moved from station to station and quickly repurposed for new tasks.


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The ibk CobotWagen enables people and cobots to work side by side without protective equipment through human-robot collaboration (HRC).

At the same time, the CobotWagen remains flexible and mobile so that it can easily be transported to different workplaces.

With a cable up to 6m long, the CobotWagen is connected to an grounded socket, placed on the adjustable feet and is ready to work.

For safe operation, it is supported by jacking rollers and weighs between 300 and 320 kg, depending on the model.

While the length and width are fixed, the table and cobot attachment heights can be varied in order to select the optimum combination for the respective application.

In the standard version, the aluminum-dibond side walls are provided with the ibk logo, but can also be printed individually according to customer requirements.

The tabletop and the connecting column are designed with item Profile 8 so that peripherals and additional modules can be attached to the CobotWagen with ease.

While the upper drawer offers storage space – e.g. for a laptop – the lower drawer is intended for the Cobot controller.

Electrical connection options are CEE plug 16A – single-phase and a grounding plug 230V each.

Technical data.

Dimensions (LxW): 1000x720mm
Weight: approx. 300 – 320kg
Connections: CEE plug 16A – single-phase; grounded contact plug 230V.
Connection cable: 6m length

Side walls

Standard: ibk logo
Individual: according to customer’s request (extra charge)

OKF = upper edge of finished floor

*Delivery does not include robot gripper!*


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