EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer

The EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer is a robust palletizing station designed to work with any cobot from a large number of different brands. The station allows for easy setup, deployment and management in a compact and robust form.

Using a pre-built palletizing station like the EasyPalletizer keeps the palletizing workstation organized and easy to program and maintain.

Several options are available, including a fixed base or lift kit for the Cobot, giving it greater reach and flexibility.


8.800,0020.000,00 excl. VAT


The EasyPalletizer is a platform designed to make palletizing within a factory easy and mobile. The EasyPalletizer consists of a Euro pallet sized console with compartments for robot control, cables, hosts and lifting module from SKF or pedestal. The EasyPalletizer is designed to be robust with a total weight of 300 KG without the robot and lifter mounted. Each side of the EasyPalletizer consists of a docking system for pallets, which measures the placement of the pallets.

The EasyPalletizer can be equipped with a robot arm from various manufacturers and a lifting module from SKF.

Palletizing is a term from industrial language; it is a process of arranging products on pallets in a specific order. With the advancement of technology, we see more and more the use of robots in the packaging sector. The industrial robots are used to avoid the repetitiveness of the workload and to assist in moving heavy elements.  The most common thing that needs to be palletized in an industry is boxes and crates. The use of automation and mechanization has helped make it easier to arrange goods on the pallet. It is now more important than ever to install user-friendly palletizing technology in companies for packaging purposes.

Common Applications.

  • Floor level palletizing,
  • Load transfer stations to mobile robots form conveyors or other fixed units.
  • Unload/load transfer systems
  • Dual palletizing system.

About the system.

The EasyPalletizer is a platform that makes palletizing effortless and smooth. It can be equipped with a robotic arm, which has several useful advantages for the packaging industry. Incorporating robotics into automation provides flexibility, reliability and productivity. The idea is to help with short product life cycles, the latest packaging designs, different product variations and batch production.

Inside the EasyPalletizer is a component plate for mounting products in the console. These can be: communication, air equipment, etc.

The standard palletizer can be supplied with:

  1. Fixed base (not mounted).
  2. SKF base (not mounted).

Variant specifications.

    • Palletizer One Base – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. L1350*W866*H655, 220 kg
    • Palletizer One with Liftkit – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. with Liftingkit (not mounted) L1350*B866*H855, 265 kg
    • Palletizer One with fixed base – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. with fixed base 700 mm (not mounted) L1350*B866*H855, 245 Kg
    • Palletizer Two bases – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. L1350*W1085*H855, 200 Kg
    • Palletizer Two with fixed base – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. with fixed base (not mounted) L1350*B1085*H855, 230 Kg


  • Palletizer Two with Liftkit – For 2 pallets with 4 sensors and 2 LED lights. with LiftKit (not mounted) L1350*B1085*H855, 230 kg



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