Kassow Robots KR1205


1200 mm


5000 g

With a reach of 1200 mm and a payload of 5 kg, the Kassow KR1205 is an easy-to-use cobot ideal for lighter weight applications. Like all cobots from Kassow Robots, it is built on a unique 7-axis design (as opposed to the industry standard of 6), allowing for a wider range of more natural motions. The KR1205 also boasts an intuitive user experience and a repeatability of 0.1 mm.  

31.500,00 excl. VAT


The KR1205 is the all-rounder of the KR series of cobots from Kassow Robots. It doesn’t have the longest reach (that’s the KR1805) nor is it the most powerful (the KR1018), but it does off an attractive combination of features that make it ideal for many cobot use cases.   

With a maximum payload of 5 kg and a reach of 1200 mm, is ideal for lighter-weight processes. Like all Kassow Robots, the KR1205 is based on Kassow’s unique 7-axis design, giving the cobot one degree of freedom more than the average cobot on the market. This allows for more natural and human-like movements that are currently impossible for the great majority of other cobots. Among other things, this 7th axis allows for the robot to make curving movements.  

The KR1205 has a repeatability of 0.1 mm, allowing it to make precise and predictable movements. Further, the tablet-based user interface allows even the uninitiated to get started programming their cobot after very minimal training. 

“Strong, Fast, Simple” is the Kassow Robots motto. Experience it today with the KR1205. 

Looking for another Kassow? 

Check out their other cobots here: 

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KR1018 – reach 1000 mm, payload 18 kg
KR1410 – reach 1400 mm, payload 10 kg
KR1805 – reach 1800 mm, payload 5 kg 

Pre-built solutions based on Kassow cobots are also available in both mobile (CobotWagen) and stationary (CobotStation) forms.  

Introducing Kassow Robots
The Magic of the 7th Axis
Kassow Robots in Action


1200 mm
5000 g
0,1 mm
130 mm
Clean Room
Joint speed
225 °/s
Linear speed
1 m/s
25000 g


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