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fruitcore robotics HORST1000

Der fruitcore robotics HORST1000 is the powerful further development of HORST900. It has a reach of over 1000 mm, handles loads up to 8 kg and does so with a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm. In addition, the cycle time under nominal load has been optimized by up to +20% and the three-dimensional working range has been increased by +40%, so that larger trays can also be processed. The Digital Robot is equipped with the horstFX operating software as standard, which can be extended with additional features if required.

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€18,995.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Equipment and Kit

No more bus cables on the support arms

Proven drive technology

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Reach1,020 mm
Payload8 kg
Weight70 kg
Max. linear TCP speed4.2 m/s
Repeatability0.05 mm
Min. Operating Temperature5 °C
Max. Operating temperature40 °C
Joint Movement (Range: ° / Max Speed : ° /s)
J1-176 till 176±225
J25 till 103±95
J3-66 till 57±280
J4-171 till 171±980
J5-119 till 119±880
J6-300 till 300±1150
J7 --
Other Features
IP classificationIP54
Noise Level70 dB
Control Box
Dimension313 x 174 x 446 mm
Weight10 kg
I/O ports21 Digital Inputs / 18 Digital Outputs
I/O power supply24V/7A
CommunicationTCP/IP 100-Mbit/s Ethernet (Sockets), Modbus/TCP, Profinet, 2xUSB
Nominal power consumption350 W

The fruitcore robotics HORST1000 is the logical further development of HORST900 and impresses with improvements in all relevant performance parameters. HORST1000 is very easy to program, offers maximum productivity and opens up all possibilities in the development and expansion of your Smart Factory. The HORST1000 robot system consists of the HORST1000 6-axis industrial robot, the Control cabinet - including complete safety control - as well as the robot operating panel and the horstFX operating software.

Not only has the payload increased to allow heavier components to be moved, but the reach also enables a wider range of applications. In addition, the three-dimensional work envelope has increased by 40% compared to HORST900, allowing 50% larger trays to be processed. From the base, HORST1000 can travel around 230 millimeters further forward than its predecessor. Higher acceleration values of the individual axes in the nominal load range also ensure shorter cycle times. In a classic pick & place process, this improves the cycle time by up to 20%.

horstFX operating software

  • Graphic robot programming on the operator panel
  • Robot simulation on the operating panel
  • Free movement of the robot with a digital twin
  • Integration of 3D objects and management of 3D worlds
  • Advanced safety functions
  • Data recording for process analysis of applications
  • Maximum robot speed, accuracy and performance
  • Textual robot programming with JavaScript (horstScript)
  • Additional features and updates available on demand

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