Doosan Smart Vision Module

The Doosan Smart Vision Module (SVM) is a camera that can be easily integrated into existing Doosan solutions. The SVM works seamlessly with Doosan cobots and is programmed via the cobot’s Teach Pendant. The camera is only suitable for Doosan cobots.

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The Doosan Smart Vision Module (SVM) is a plug-and-produce type vision sensor that can be mounted on the robot head. The SVM enables the measurement of position, angle, diameter and length of objects and can be used in a wide range of machine vision applications. The optimized design for Doosan robots allows for easy and quick installation. All settings are managed by the DART platform.

The Plug and Produce type vision sensor, which can be mounted directly on the end flange of a robot, is ideal for a variety of applications. The design, optimized for Doosan robots, allows for quick and easy installation without the need for an additional fixtures or adapters. The intuitive user interface enables one to integrate the SVM into a robotic system and configuration with just a few taps on the robot’s Teach Pendant.

Further information

Dimensions: 92mm (W) x 132mm (D) x 25.6mm /h)
Camera: CMOS 2,5M pixel /1920×1440)
Lens: Focal length 3.4mm, angle of view 75°.
Light: White LED x “ea (800Lux @ WD500mm)
Communication: TCP/IP, 100Mbps
Power: 24W (24V, 1A)

Examples of SVM applications

– Visual inspection – Specific commands can be ordered according to inspection result (presence and quality) simultaneously for up to 10 items.
– Compensation of position errors – SVM recognises the precise position of the workpiece and corrects the relative position of the robot accordingly
– Command by selecting an image – A user can select work items by the image of the workpiece that meets pre-set criteria such as shape, angle diameter, length.


Own weight
348 g
Field of view
Working distance
Light type
Red light
Barcode type
Image resolution
1920×1440 px
Camera system
Quality control, Pick & Place
Max. Read rate
Opening angle


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