Denso Cobotta


342 mm


500 g

With a dead weight of only 4kg, an integrated controller and a comprehensive safety system, the COBOTTA collaborative robot is easy to transport and ready for immediate out-of-the-box use. And thanks to the visually-oriented app “COBOTTA World”, it is easy to operate. This application allows for the easy creation of typical handling and Pick&Place tasks using a tablet. COBOTTA is developed as an open platform and can be flexibly integrated into existing systems. 


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With a payload capacity of up to 500g (up to 700g with the 5th axis vertical/down) and its unique compactness, the COBOTTA collaborative robot is particularly suitable for working in confined spaces and in direct cooperation with humans.  


When interacting with humans, safety is of paramount importance. With the Denso COBOTTA, safety is ensured by an inherently safe design and “functional safetyby continuously monitoring the torque and speed of all axes. Even the electric gripper and cameras can be completely integrated on the robot arm. This allows force-controlled gripping applications as well as applications and the use of image recognition (2D) to be created very easily and in a few minutes. With another app, “Remote TP”, experts can also create complex applications using DENSO’s robot programming language, PacScript, with a virtual robot teaching pendant. 

Die kollaborative Nutzung von Robotern erfordert eine detaillierte Risikoanalyse
Cobots können an vielen Stellen eingesetzt werden
Cobots finden in vielen Prozessen Anwendung
Introducing the Denso Cobotta
Denso Cobotta Use Cases


342 mm
500 g
0,05 mm
170 mm
Clean Room
Joint speed
Linear speed
1 m/s
4000 g


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