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Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Palletizing S

The Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Palletizing S is a turnkey solution for light palletizing. The robot, controller and programming work together flawlessly and after a simple setup you can start palletizing immediately.

LUNA's graphical user interface allows the operator to easily enter different package sizes, palletizing patterns and configurations.

MalocherBot Palletizing S can stack 6 packages per minute and handle packages weighing up to 15 kg. Like all MalocherBot systems, MalocherBot Palletizing S is easily reconfigurable, convertible and can be prepared by any operator for new production runs and package weights/sizes.

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€90,000.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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An adaptable solution

MalocherBot Palletizing S is a modular system that allows for quick and easy setup, as well as quick and easy reconfiguration as production requirements change.

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Quick Stacking for Fast Savings

MalocherBot Palletizing S is fast - it can easily handle stacking operations of up to 6 packages per minute.

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Robot BrandDoosan (other brands also available)
Robot ModelH2017
Reach1.700 mm
Payload15 kg
Max. payload - nach oben zu base15 kg
Max. stack height1,8 m
Max. Zyklen/min6
Gripping MethodPhysical Gripping (from the sides)
optional mit Kamera oder ohneYes
Compatible MaterialsAll kinds of boxes and cartons
Tool BrandOnRobot (other brands also available)

Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Palletizing S is our small palletizing powerhouse. Designed from the ground up to provide a small, modular, easy-to-use and reliable palletizing experience, this advanced turnkey solution is a powerful answer to your palletizing needs.

MalocherBot Palletizing S is based on the UCR MalocherBot modular automation system and is a quick to deploy, intuitive palletizing system designed for today's production environment.

It is an all-in-one system, i.e. unlike most MalocherBot systems, the entire system is contained in one compact module.

Key Features

The MalocherBot Palletizing S offers strong performance in a small and affordable package.

  • Max. Box Weight: 15kg
  • Max. Stacking Speed: 6 packages per minute
  • Max. Stacking Height: 1.8m

How does the MalocherBot Palletizing S work?

The MalocherBot Palletizing S from Unchained Robotics is fully modular and based on the core of all MalocherBot systems: the MalocherBot Base Unit.

The base unit offered in this case is a special, modified version that contains all the components required for your palletizing station. This means that this single-module system is compact and easy to install (it can also be transported from station to station using a simple forklift or pallet truck).

The MalocherBot Palletizer S is a self-contained system. This means that the system control, robot control, robot, gripper and safety functions are all integrated into a single unit. Importantly, the screen and user interface are integrated into the unit, allowing for easy control and programming.

The standard robot supplied with the MalocherBot Palletizing S system is a Doosan H2017, but depending on your needs and preferences, cobots from most major brands can also be used.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Palletizing S System (incl. robot, gripper, control box. software, HMI).

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