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Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Base Unit

The Unchained Robotics Base Unit forms the center of the Malocherbot modular automation system. This the core around which various automation cells can be built by simply adding other plug-n-play MalocherBot modules. A large variety of use cases can be rapidly automated with this system, from palletizing and packaging to grinding. A variety of robots are available for the MalocherBot system, allowing users to choose the perfect match for their needs without sacrificing ease-of-use.

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€55,000.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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A truly turnkey experience

MalocherBot Base Unit + a corresponding module is truly turnkey. The modules communicate directly with one another and perform an automatic integration. When you plug the Palletizer module into the Base Unit, you just build a complete palletizing solution.

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User friendly interface with LUNA

The MalocherBot base unit includes the advanced LUNA software system from Unchained Robotics. LUNA provides an easy-to-use, graphical control system for your entire MalocherBot system! Whatever modules you add, whatever your use case, LUNA will be your home base.

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Basic Info
Dimensions140 x 70 x 220 cm
Unit ConstructionSteel
Robot BrandYASKAWA (others available)
Robot ModelGP12, GP20
Reach1440, 1802 mm
Payload12kg, 20kg
Max. payload - nach oben zu base12kg, 20kg
optional mit Kamera oder ohneYes

The Unchained Robotics MalocherBot Base Unit forms the core of the MalocherBot System - an advanced, modular, multipurpose automation system. MalocherBot Base Unit contains a robot, a controller, and an advanced software layer called LUNA. By simply adding modules to the system, you can build usecase-specific turnkey solutions.

How does it work?

When you install the MalocherBot system and plug one of the Modules into it, for example the Palletizer Module or Sander Module, the computer automatically recognizes it and performs the initial set up and calibration. After a few minutes the automatic set up is complete and you can start inputing your process paramters into the LUNA graphical interface.

For example, if you have built a palletizer system by conencting one or more Palletizer modules to your Base Unit, you can now input information about the boxes to be palletized, the desired pallet patterns, etc. All through one easy graphical interface and with no manual software setup required between the modules - it's automatic!

What is in the MalocherBot Base Unit?

The Base Unit is the control center of any MalocherBot turnkey solution. It contains the robot, the robot control unit, the main system computer, and the advanced LUNA software that ties everything together. Any MalocherBot turnkey solution will have a Base Unit at its center.

What modules are available?

A large variety of modules are available for the MalocherBot system - indeed on its own, the Base Unit is capable of standard robot tasks like Pick&Place, Assembly, etc. For many, especially more specialized tasks, it requires an additional module.  The modules currently available are:

  • Palletizer Module - By adding one or more of these units to the Base Unit, you can rapidly deploy powerful palletizing system.
  • Sander Module - This module allows you to build a grinding, polishing, or sanding unit.

Scope of Delivery

The MalocherBot Base Unit includes the following components:

  • MalocherBot shell
  • Robot Controller
  • System Computer
  • Luna Software
  • Power Cable

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