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Optonic Mikado Find

Optonic Mikado Find enables the targeted location of objects or components within a 3D point cloud. This technology enables robots to pick precisely, for example for loading machines. A key focus is on user-friendly setup and operation. The package includes a 3D camera, corresponding software and optionally a controller. Communication takes place via a common interface such as OPC UA or TCP/IP. This enables seamless fully automated operation, including automatic adjustments for different products and camera changes.

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€9,000.00 - €17,000.00 excl. VAT.

From 900,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Simple operation

A clear user interface, guided hand-eye calibration as well as well-documented interfaces and compatibility with all 6-axis robots make setup and operation particularly easy.

Powerful matching algorithm

The PARTFINDER matching algorithm is continuously developed and combines 2D and 3D data for precise as well as robust findings. Based on CAD data, it reliably finds your parts.

Robust cameras in any environment

The cameras are IP65/67 protected, vibration and shock resistant and feature numerous optimizations in hardware as well as software to deliver excellent 3D point clouds even in changing light conditions. This is why ENSENSO cameras are successful in all demanding industries worldwide.

All from a single source

Optonic GmbH develops and supplies everything from a single source: 3D camera, matching algorithm, software and, if desired, the controller. Thus, all interfaces are coordinated and reliable operation is ensured.

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Optonic Mikado Find is able to locate parts in 3D based on CAD data. The parts found are communicated to a robot in all 6 coordinates so that it can access them in a targeted manner. The focus is on making the system as easy to use as possible. An intuitive web GUI is available for operation, standard interfaces in OPCUA and TCP-IP for communication and the hand-eye calibration is guided by the software. It is this hand-eye calibration that makes working with Mikado Find much easier for a robot operator, as finds are transmitted directly in robot coordinates and no conversion is required.

Mikado Find can work with any 6-axis robot, making it ideal for easy integration regardless of manufacturer.

Use cases

There are numerous applications in which Mikado Find is an excellent solution. For example, if parts are tilted, overlapping or twisted, they can be found correctly by Mikado Find. The robot can thus accurately pick up from the conveyor belt, table, basket, rack or anything else. Size as well as material do not matter as long as the parts are inherently rigid and not transparent.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x camera (choice between N36 and C57)
  • Mikado Find Software
  • (Optional) 1x IPC, controller for Mikado Find

Additional services

In addition, the following services can be added if required (on request):

  • Check of camera hardware at Optonic in house: 400€
  • Camera rebuild to new configuration: 800€

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