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The NACHI SRA166 is a 6-axis industrial robot that can be used for a wide range of applications, e.g. spot welding, machine loading and unloading or palletising. It offers a payload of 166kg, a reach of 2654mm and a repeat accuracy of 0.1mm.

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Reach2,650 mm
Payload166 kg
Weight960 kg
Repeatability0.1 mm
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature45 °C
Joint Movement (Range: ° / Max Speed : ° /s)
J1-180 till 180±125
J2-80 till 60±115
J3-till 150±121
J4-360 till 360±180
J5-135 till 135±173
J6-360 till 360±260
J7 --
Other Features
IP classificationIP67
Mounting DirectionBoden
Control Box
Dimension580 x 542 x 590 mm
Weight62 kg
I/O portsInput: 32/64 Points output: 32/64 Points
Analog In: 2 Channels; Analog out: 4 Channels
I/O power supply200-220VAC (3 Phase, 50/60 Hz)
IP classificationIP54
Teach Panel
Dimension170 x 300 x 65 mm
Cable length8
IP classificationIP65

The SRA166 from NACHI is a 6-axis industrial robot with an impressive payload capacity of 166kg, a reach of 2654mm and a repeatability of 0.1mm. With its impressive performance, it sets new standards in terms of precision, efficiency and reliability.

The robot is characterised by outstanding motion dynamics, with minimum cycle times achieved through maximum speed on all axes. The lightweight construction and high rigidity of the design ensure impressive acceleration with minimal vibration.

The SRA 166 can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. for loading machines, handling workpieces, palletising or spot welding.

Utilising advanced drives and motors, the SRA166 ensures accurate positioning and improved repeatability. This leads to increased overall performance and productivity in industrial applications.

The slim and compact design of the robot enables space-saving installation. This innovative approach opens up new possibilities for the optimisation of manufacturing processes.

Easier to maintain

The SRA166 also scores highly in terms of ease of maintenance. Simpler inspections and the uncomplicated replacement of parts improve the overall availability of the robot and minimises downtimes.

By reducing the weight by 20% and using state-of-the-art motor controls, energy consumption has been cut by an impressive 15%. This advanced technology makes the SRA166 not only more sustainable, but also cost-efficient in operation.

Protection class IP67 (arm/wrist) IP54 (housing)

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