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DENSO HS-045A1 - Start Smart

The DENSO Robotics HS-045A1 Start Smart Kit is the smart way to get started with a SCARA robot! This kit contains a robust DENSO SCARA robot, a controller and the necessary wiring. Just add a gripper and you're ready to go!

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€9,900.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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The DENSO HS-045A1 is fast! With a linear speed of over 6 meters per second, your assembly and Pick&Place tasks can be completed faster than ever!


The HS-045A1 offers a maximum payload of 5 kg. More than enough to handle most SCARA applications.


The HS-045A1 offers an impressive repeatability of 0.02mm and the entire system is covered by DENSO's 24-month warranty.


With a price of less than 10,000 EUR, this system offers an exceptionally affordable entry into 4-axis automation.

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Reach450 mm
Payload5 kg
Weight25 kg
Max. linear TCP speed6.3 m/s
Repeatability0.02 mm
Joint Movement (Range: ° / Max Speed : ° /s)
J1-155 till 155±-
J2-145 till 145±-
J3-360 till 360±-
J4 --
J5 --
J6 --
J7 --
Control Box
Dimension357 x 320x 94
Weight10 kg
I/O ports16 Eingänge / 16 Ausgänge
CommunicationS-232C: 1, Ethernet: 1 (GbE: Gigabit Ethernet), USB: 2, VGA: 1 line (Optional)

The DENSO HS-045A1 Smart Start package is the ideal introduction to automation. This package contains everything you need to get started: an advanced SCARA robot, a controller, and all the necessary wiring. Just add a gripper and you're ready to go! The HS-045A1 offers a reach of 450 mm and a Z-axis reach of 200 mm. With a maximum payload of 5 kg, this SCARA robot opens up a whole world of automation possibilities.

SCARA robots from DENSO are ideal for Pick&Place tasks that require both speed and precision. The HS-04A1 offers a linear speed of up to 6.3 m/s. This equates to an average cycle time of 0.29 seconds. And although the system is extremely fast, speed does not come at the expense of precision. This system offers repeatability of +- 0.02 mm.

What is included in the kit?

In this Start Smart Kit you will find:

  • HS-045A1 Robot
  • RC8A controller from DENSO
  • Cabling (motor and encoder cable (4 m) and a mini-I/O with cable (8 m) including safety I/O).

The RC8A controller offers a variety of communication options including CC-Link, PROFINET, DeviceNet, EtherNET/IP, EtherCAT and PROFIBUS. 


DENSO Robotics stands by its products. Therefore, this robot comes with a 24-month warranty.

Use cases

The DENSO HS-045A1 is an ideal robot for assembly tasks, pick-and-place processes and much more!

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