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The SCHUNK ADHESO is a gripper that functions according to the principle of adhesion and can handle a wide variety of workpieces. This means that the ADHESO does not require an external energy or compressed air supply and functions passively. SCHUNK offers four standard sizes for the ADHESO, covering a wide range of applications.

0.055 kg


16 kg

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Payload16 kg
Weight0.055 kg
Dimension63 x 20,8 mm (DxH)
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature40 °C

The SCHUNK ADHESO gripper works according to the principle of adhesion and thus uses the intermolecular Van der Waals forces for handling a wide variety of workpieces.

The ADHESO therefore does not require a vacuum for gripping and functions completely passively, without an external energy or compressed air supply.

ADHESO gripping process

Gently pressing the structure onto the workpiece, that's all it takes. This increases the contact surface and the effect of the Van der Waals forces sets in, the workpiece can now be lifted safely. To release the workpiece from the gripper there are four possibilities:

  • Rotating movement
  • Tilting movement
  • Sliding movement
  • Pushing off

Alternatively, it is possible to equip the gripper with an active wiper, which prevents mechanical stress on the workpiece.

Material and surface of the ADHESO

The unique surface of the SCHUNK ADHESO is made of special polymers and can be precisely adapted to different workpieces and surfaces by using a wide variety of materials. The surface of the ADHESO gripper technology is a fine leg structure that adheres to a wide variety of materials without leaving any residue.The surface was developed based on the example of nature. Just as geckos make use of adhesion forces in their movement, SCHUNK transfers this principle to a wide range of applications in this special gripper technology.

Variants at a glance

SCHUNK offers four standardized ADHESO gripper pad sizes with matching ISO flange adapter.


  • Weight: 20.5g
  • Pad diameter: 24mm
  • Typ. Adhesion force: up to 60N


  • Weight: 28,5g
  • Pad diameter: 32mm
  • Typ. Adhesive force: up to 100N


  • Weight: 39,5g
  • Pad diameter: 44mm
  • Typ. Adhesive force: up to 200N


  • Weight: 54,6g
  • Pad diameter: 56mm
  • Typ. Adhesive force: up to 320N

The advantages at a glance

  • Low operating costs due to energy-efficient gripping without additional energy supply
  • Gripping without visible residues for sensitive workpieces
  • No particle emissions and thus suitable for clean room applications
  • Sensitive gripping without mechanical force
  • Variable use and perfectly matched to different areas of application

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