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The PIAB piCOBOT® is a vacuum ejector unit with integrated controls, large visual status indicators and a user-friendly display.

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7 kg

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Automation of the assembly process

The gripper is adjustable and has extremely high flexibility in composition. The piCOBOT® can pick up one or two elements in the same operation, even with different shapes or structures.

Wide range of application

Thanks to the multi-stage COAX® cartridges, the piCOBOT® achieves excellent flow performance. It can grip everything from very porous to dense material, from lightweight parts to 7kg pieces.

Plug & play (immediately ready for operation)

All technical and electrical interfaces are seamlessly adapted for UR robots, which means true plug and play for the customer. URCap simplifies installation, setup and programming. Thanks to onboard intelligence, the piCOBOT® automatically adapts to a wide variety of applications.

Adjustable gripper

The 97-142 mm wide gripper arms can be tilted by ±15° and therefore offer an excellent range of application for positioning the suction cups. The piCOBOT® can be quickly adapted to robust tasks, gripping and packing bags or lifting, moving and palletizing cartons.

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Payload7 kg
Weight0.9 kg
Dimension69 x 70 x 70 mm
Gripper TypeSuction Cup Gripper
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature50 °C
Typical Operating Pressure7 bar
Max. Operating Preasure7 bar
Supply voltage24 V
Max. current0.8 A
Nominal current0.2 A
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1
Compressed air supplyISO 8573-1:2010
IP classificationIP54

The PIAB piCOBOT® is available with a standard generic electrical interface and several options for the dimensions of the mechanical mounting plate according to the ISO 9409-1 standard, so it can be configured to work with any collaborative robot and smaller industrial robots. They are certified by Universal Robots and are mounted directly on the UR robot arm (ISO-9409-1-50-M6). Optionally, a suction cup can be mounted directly on the piCOBOT® threaded interface. An adjustable high-end gripper with two suction cups can be seamlessly attached to the piCOBOT® unit. It is equipped with plug-in software (URCaps) for the programmable handheld unit (teach pendant), which greatly simplifies installation, setup as well as getting started.

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