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PIAB CPT Cobot Palletizing Tool - Suction Cups

The PIAB Cobot Palletizing Tool (CPT) is a compact solution for palletizing packaged products with cobots. This variant of the CPT uses suction cups.

2.25 kg

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€5,654.93 excl. VAT.

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Higher Pallet Output

The design of the gripping surface is such that multiple zones can be covered, allowing handling of different carton sizes or multiple cartons in each cycle.

Maximum Speed

The integrated piSMART® valve unit enables extremely fast response times and increases throughput.

High Energy Efficiency

Equipped with COAX® vacuum technology, air consumption is reduced and safe lifting performance is ensured with maximum payload.

One EOAT in place of multiple EOATs

For different configurations, for example when changing products, it is only necessary to change the lower suction plate from foam to suction cups or vice versa.

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Weight2.25 kg
Dimension165 x 200 x 400 mm
Typical Operating Pressure6 bar
Max. Operating Preasure7 bar
Max. vacuum35 %
Compressed air supply5,25 NI/s

The PIAB Cobot Palletizing Tool (CPT) is a compact solution for palletizing packaged products with cobots. The multi-zone gripper surface allows irregular as well as multiple picks in one motion. Combined with its light weight, it reduces wear on the robot and extends its life. By combining the features of many EOATs into just one unit, the CPT can reduce tooling costs by up to 80% and free up valuable setup time for other important projects.

A variant of the PIAB CPT is available with foam instead of suction cups.

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