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DH Robotics AG-145

With a stroke of 145mm, the DH Robotics AG-145 gripper is an adaptive and multi-purpose two-finger solution that can handle a large variety of object shapes and sizes. This adaptability allows the user to avoid having to install new grippers whenever the application (or manipulated object) changes. The DH Robotics AG-145 is designed from the ground up for collaborative solutions and comes with ready-to-use plugins for most major cobot brands (Universal Robots, OMRON, Hanwha, etc.).
Discover how this advanced but affordable gripper from DH Robotics can change the way you work!

1.3 kg


2 kg

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€3,800.00 excl. VAT.

From 400,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Plug & Play with Collaborative Robots

The DH Robotics AG-145 comes with plug&play support for cobots from Universal Robots, OMRON TM, Hanwha, Dobot, ELITE, and Han's Robot. Thanks to this out-of-the-box compatability, you can dive right into your automation project.

Significant Stroke

Don't let workpiece size limit you. With a stroke of 145mm, the DH Robotics AG-145 can handle a wide variety of objects - literally!

Precise force and position control

Thanks to its advanced screwdrive and linkage system, AG-145 is able to offer a positioning accuracy of ± 0.03 mm.

Drop & gripping detection

A key feature of this adaptive gripping solution is drop and grip detection. The AG-145 can detect when an item is grasped and when it is lost, allowing for greater control of your automation process through feedback.

Advanced and Affordable

The DH Robotics AG-145 offers advanced adaptive gripping capabilities at an affordable price point.

Featured on Unchained TV

Pick & PlaceCross-industry

DH Robotics grippers demonstrating a variety of applications (CIIF 2020)

Pick & PlaceCross-industry

A robot from DOBOT tests out a few grippers from DH Robotics

Payload2 kg
Weight1.3 kg
Dimension203,9 x 212,3 x 53,6 mm
Number of fingers2
Operating modeElectric
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature40 °C
Stroke145 mm
Max. Gripforce105 N
Closing time0.7 s
Opening Time0.7 s
Supply voltage24 V
Max. current1.5 A
Nominal current0.8 A
CommunicationModbusRTU (RS485), Digital I/O, TCP/IP, USB2.0, CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
IP classificationIP54

The DH Robotics AG-145 is a an adaptive two-finger gripping solution offers advanced adapative gripping at an affordable price point. With a recommended payload of 2kg and a stroke of 145mm, the DH Robotics AG-145 offers considerable versatility in terms of object shape and size. As an adaptive gripper the AG-145 offers the key features that you would expect including impressive repeatability and both grip and drop detection. These features open up a world of possbilities for both research and production applications and allow for truly collaborative and feedback-oritented automation.

During the development of this gripper, a significant amount of attention was paid to accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to the advanced screw drive and linkage system, the AG-145 is able to offer a positioning repeatability of ± 0.03 mm.

DH Robotics also built tha AG-145 with an eye for ease of use. Consequently, the system comes with plug-ins for most major collaborative robot brands, including Universal Robots, OMRON TM, Hanwha, Han's Robot, and more. These plug-ins allow you to quickly get up and running with your gripper directly right from the cobot's teach panel.

The AG-145 gripper is designed to be an affordable option for businesses, manufacturers, and research institutions who need an advanced adaptive gripping solution. Its attractive price point significantly lowers the barrier of entry for those who are searching for an adaptive, feature-rich two-finger gripper but don't want to break the bank.

Additional Technical Information

  • Communication Standard: Modbus RTU (RS485) Digital I/O interface

    • Optional: TCP/IP, USB 2.0,  CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT

  • Opening/Closing Time: 0.7 s/0.7 s

  • Recommended operating environment: 0-40 C, < 85% RH

For those who need slightly more payload, DH also offers a smaller, more powerful version of this gripper, the AG-95. The AG-95 offers a stroke of 95 mm and a recommended payload of 3 kg.


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