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GRIP SHW-P Connector

The GRIP SHW-P connector is a new manual tool changer that features an optimized locking system and integrated pneumatic feedthroughs. It consists of a shear bolt that clamps the upper and lower parts together, with the lower part being tightened during the locking stroke. The connector is compatible with nearly all robot brands, including Universal Robots, KUKA, Doosan, ABB and others.

Benefits of the SHW-P connector include integrated pneumatic feedthroughs, high repeatability of less than 0.02 mm, long life with over 5000 change cycles without loss of repeatability, and the ability to handle high loads with low dead weight. The connector is lightweight and made of high-strength aluminum and has an integrated mounting surface for the energy feedthrough.

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€2,274.00 - €2,437.80 excl. VAT.

From 300,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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High-strength aluminum

The GRIP SHW-P is made of high-quality and extremely robust aluminum and offers an ideal combination of low weight and stability.

Quick change

With the SHW-P system, you can remove and replace pneumatic grippers and end-of-arm tools in seconds - while maintaining overall accuracy.

Intuitive Operation

This GRIP system is easy to set up and changeover is convenient and simple. Establishing a secure connection between the robot and gripper is simple, reliable and fast.

With a single grip

The tool changer has an integrated handle for opening; no tool is required and the system can be opened with one hand

Safe closing

A built-in handle locking system prevents accidental opening of the tool changer

Impressively powerful

Bears high loads despite a low dead weight

Accurate and exact

High repeatability: +/- 0.02 mm

Long worklife

Withstands up to 5,000 replacement cycles

Available with electricity

Optional SEK coupling with electric feedthroughs

6 integrated pneumatic lines

The GRIP SHW-P offers 6 integrated pneumatic feedthroughs

DIN EN ISO 9409-1 Interface

The GRIP SHW-P complies with DIN EN ISO 9409-1 Interface

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The GRIP SHW Connector is a new development with an optimized locking system and integrated pneumatic feedthroughs. The connector consists of a shear bolt that clamps the upper and lower parts. During locking, the lower part is tightened by the locking stroke. By additionally mounting a centering disk, the changing system is centered on the robot and/or tool side. Mounting is possible in the upper part (on the robot side) and lower part (on the tool side).

Discover the advantages of the innovative SHW Connector from GRIP now:

  • Pneumatic feedthroughs are integrated
  • Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1
  • High repeatability < 0.02 mm
  • Durable - over 5000 change cycles without loss of repeatability
  • Withstands high loads with low dead weight
  • No tools required due to integrated operating lever
  • Improved operating lever with pure folding movement
  • Intuitive operation: can be released and closed with a single hand movement
  • Lightweight, anodized high-strength aluminum
  • Integrated mounting surface for energy feed-through
  • Locking bolt secures the hand lever against unintentional release

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