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Rollon Cobot Transfer Unit - CTU

The Rollon Cobot Transfer Unit, or CTU for short, is a powerful, adaptable, plug&play linear axis for cobots from Universal Robots. This system is compatible with all UR cobots (UR3e-UR16e) and allows you to greatly expand the capabilities of a single robot. The Rollon CTU system is available with strokes ranging from 500 to 5500 mm. The system is also available in a vertical configuration.

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€14,254.22 - €24,811.54 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Turnkey solution

The Rollon CTU is a fully equipped linear unit with gearbox, servo motor, a control cabinet with servo controller, safety technology, cables and software.


Quick and easy installation and set-up in just a few steps.

Preselected sizes

Tiered sizes of CTU units (linear unit, gearbox & servo technology) for the respective cobot models.

Safety specifications

The linear carriage stops when the cobot stops, drive heads and carriage plate with rounded surfaces, limit switches for monitoring the end positions

Wide range of already proven applications

Palletizing, Pick & Place, Dispensing, Machine Unloading and Loading

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The Rollon Cobot Transfer Unit (CTU) is a complete range of transfer units (linear axes) designed to greatly improve the reach of Universal Robots cobots.  Rollon CTU units are plug&play solutions that can be installed and commissioned in just a few steps. The Rollon CTU units are tested and certified by Universal Robots and can be quickly and easily integrated into the UR controller thanks to the included Rollon URcap. 


The Rollon CTU System is compatible with the following UR cobots: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR10CB, and UR16e. All of which can be selected and used in the Rollon URcap.  

A Fully Equipped Unit

The Rollon CTU solution includes a fully equipped linear unit, the Rollon URcap software, a control cabinet, motor, servo-controller, gearbox and all necessary cables already installed in the energy chain. The Rollon CTU is a turnkey solution that extends the reach of the UR cobots with a travel distance of up to over 5.5m. 

Plug and Play

  • No additional programming knowledge required
  • Debug function
  • Control of up to 6 external axes

Control cabinet included

  • Compact control cabinet 
  • CE, UL and CSA certified
  • External connections for cables
  • Multilingual control cabinet wiring diagram

Including motor, servo controller, gearbox

  • High-Flex cable and power cable
  • Motor holding brake available for vertical configurations


  • Connector plate for UR cobots
  • Maximum stroke length: 5,500mm
  • Low noise energy chain
  • Leveling feet
  • Horizontal/vertical configuration
  • Pneumatic lines and connections

Safety functions

  • Emergency stop functions on UR handheld unit
  • CTU and UR cobot stop their movements simultaneously to protect the operator
  • Equipped with proximity sensors and with connections for possible
  • external safety sensors, such as laser scanners, radar, optical scanners and sensitive sensor skin
  • Safety clamping elements available as an option
  • Pneumatic clamping elements available as an option
  • Dynamic optimization for working with cobots: V= 1.5 m/s A= 3 m/s2

For the vertical configuration there is an additional charge of 700 EUR. 

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