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OnRobot Lift100


The OnRobot Lift100 is the next generation of the 7th axis – specifically designed to make palletizing easier than ever. The Lift100 is electrically powered and offers up to 900mm of lift. It is seamlessly compatible with a wide range of cobots from various brands such as Universal Robots, Doosan, OMRON, and others. Of course, it also combines perfectly with OnRobot grippers.

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€12,032.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Higher Flexibility

Additional reach for your robot enables you to handle more types of pallet sizes, box sizes, and palletizing patterns.

Maximized ROI

Elevator's long stroke enables a wide range of palletizing tasks and future-proof cell for manufacturing changes.


Integrated safety features with TÜV (certification pending) stop-functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment.

High payload lift for versatile 7th axis

Long-stroke, high-payload robot elevator adds a versatile seventh axis to light-industrial and collaborative robot arms.

Reliability tested for long lifetime

Durable design that has been tested and certified to work reliably under all typical manufacturing conditions.

Minimal deflection for precise positioning

Robust design ensures precise positioning of boxes, even at high speeds.

Versatile applications with range of leading robot brands

Can be used for any application where additional vertical reach is needed for the robot.

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The OnRobot Lift100 is a long-stroke, high-payload robot elevator that adds a versatile seventh axis to traditional and collaborative six-axis robot arms. The Lift100 has minimal deflection, even with higher loads and at high speeds, to ensure the precise positioning of boxes in palletizing applications. Its integrated safety features, with stop functionality (TÜV certification pending), allow collaborative deployment with human workers (once a risk assessment has been performed).

High-payload robot platform for palletizing

  • Long-stroke robot elevator enables a wide range of future-proofed palletizing tasks for leading robot arms

  • High-payload elevator with minimal deflection ensures precise positioning of boxes – even at high speeds

  • Robust design for reliable, long product life under all typical manufacturing conditions

  • Integrated safety features with TÜV (certification pending) stop functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment

  • Out-of-the-box integration with OnRobot palletizing solution shortens deployment time

Ideal for Material Handling

The OnRobot Lift100 ist perfect for mixed and small batch production: settings can be quickly and easily adapted to the parts to be processed.

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