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Omron FHV7H

The new Omron FHV7 Series Smart Camera with illumination and image processing functionality for enhanced visual inspections announced. Featuring the world’s first multi-color light and an excellent high-resolution 6-megapixel camera, only one FHV7 Series Smart Camera is needed to perform high-precision visual inspections on a highly mixed production line.

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High-speed processing

The all-in-one FHV7 Smart Camera is packed with capabilities garnered through the FH Series.Its high performance, comparable to a dedicated image processing system, supports advanced applications as well.

Autofocus Lens

The autofocus lens covers a focal length range from 59 mm to 2,000 mm. Even when products in different sizes are produced, the focus range can be changed easily by parameters. This feature eliminates mechanical operation for changeover during product replacement, leading to a simpler system with higher productivity.

Accommodates color variations

Multi-color light provides a quick solution to the issue of measuring different colors. For example, objects with variously colored packages on a production line are properly measured with the light that changes its illumination color to fit each object. When the product design is changed or a new models is added, you can simply change a parameter instead of replacing or fine-tuning lights. The production line is always ready for a wider variety of product.

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Max. FPS59
Resolution3072 x 2048

The Omron FHV7 Smart Camera is an all-in-one camera with the functionalities of the high-spec vision system FH Series packed in its compact, robust body that is easy to deploy.It provides almost all inspection and measurement functions of the FH Series, and allows for easier image inspections of matching quality, even in processes where inspection had previously been omitted due to restrictions in durability, space, and system deployment time.

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