SoftGripping Educational Soft Gripper Kit

This educational kit from SoftGripping enables you to explore the potential of the SoftGripping line. If you just want a wide variety of SoftGripping solutions, or need a great deal of versatility for your experiments, this kit is for you.

With adjustable fingers, orientations and angles, a huge variety of grippers can be built from this kit and simply put into action on your robot or cobot. This is the ideal test platform for anyone who wants to experiment with SoftGripping products, be it for educational or commercial purposes.

1.485,00 excl. VAT


Discover the highly modular kit for learning, experimenting, optimizing and systematically selecting the right gripping concept.

When experimenting with robots, the grippers often have to be changed to adapt them to specific applications. Why buy multiple grippers when you can have a modular kit that lets you adjust the position and angle of your fingers in seconds? With our patented modular system, you can change everything in seconds with our unique bayonet lock.

The kit comes in a practical case where you can find everything you need.

The kit includes:

  • 2 parallel bases with 2 fingers
  • 1 centric base 3-finger
  • 1 centric base 4-finger
  • 8 angle adapters
  • 6 SoftGripping fingers
  • 1 adapter for parallel base 4-finger
  • Hoses and fittings
Changing a SoftGripping gripper


Soft Gripper
Number of gripping elements


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