SoftGripping Three Finger Centric Hygienic Gripper

The SoftGripping Three Finger Centric Hegienic Gripper is designed for use in environments and industries with higher hygiene standards. The three-finger centric orientation of the fingers makes it easy to pick up a wide variety of food objects and packages. The soft grip of the SoftGripping fingers ensures that fragile items are not damaged.

This is an ideal gripper for handling edible materials, making it ideal for the food industry, kitchen automation projects, etc.

The centric configuration makes this gripper ideal for handling round objects such as eggs, apples, etc.

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The SoftGripping hygienic gripper is designed for use in industries with particularly high hygiene and cleanliness standards, especially in the food industry. This soft gripper combines strict hygiene standards with the soft grip that SoftGripping grippers are known for. In this way, food remains protected from both contamination and crushing.

There are specific hygienic requirements for different foods. The SoftGripping hygienic gripper exceeds them. All parts are connected with hygienic screws and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Our special connection of silicone rubber fingers to the array is designed to meet the highest hygienic requirements. Each part can be cleaned with most harsh detergents.

To keep the pneumatics hygienic, the supply to the fingers is made through the arrays to the base plate and fed from there through a single inlet. The use of appropriately sized pneumatic valves makes the system suitable for the fastest delta robots on the market.

Hygienic elements.

A SoftGripping Hygienic SoftGripper consists of two elements: The base and the finger arrays.

The base is adapted to the shape of your object. While a round object needs a centered base, a long object needs a parallel one.

We will be happy to design a completely custom base for your task in a very short time. The angle of the fingers and the size of the base will be customized to your requirements.

Finger Arrays

To adapt to the dimensions and weight of your object, we use our finger arrays with different numbers of fingers. The arrays are simply mounted on the base with integrated air supply. Our pneumatically driven fingers are made of FDA-approved silicone rubber with a life expectancy of more than 10 million cycles.


Number of gripping elements


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