Schmalz ECBPMi Vacuum Generator


230 g


3000 g

The ECBPMi electric vacuum generator was specially designed for lightweight robotics, mobile robotics and for use in work environments with human-robot collaboration. Its small dimensions and low weight make it particularly suitable for robots with payloads of less than 3 kg. This opens up areas of application in automated machines with limited space or in small parts handling. Each ECBPMi vacuum generator is supplied with a bellows suction pad so that a complete vacuum gripping system can be set up immediately. Fast commissioning is additionally ensured by intelligent software support.

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Constrained space and low payloads of robots due to high tool weights on the robot arm. In addition, a light and suction-tight workpiece in the electronics or packaging area that needs to be handled. The ECBPMi electric vacuum generator was developed precisely for these general conditions. The outer contour of the vacuum generator is adapted to the size of common robot flanges. Together with the bellows suction pad supplied, the system is free of interfering contours and limited space is optimally utilized. In addition, there is no need for complex tubing.
The intelligent software interface offers further added value. Via the integrated NFC interface, commissioning and parameterization are carried out easily and quickly via smartphone. Direct robot communication was implemented via integrated IO-Link and RS485 interfaces. Schmalz thus offers its customers a complete gripping system as a plug&work solution.


Technical data:

Suction capacity up to 1.6 l/min
Max. Vacuum: 60%
Integrated IO-Link and RS485 interface
Gripping element – 1 bellows suction pad

Small dimensions and low weight ideal for robots with payloads < 3kg

Schmalz ECBPMi vacuum generator in Action!


3000 g
230 g
Number of gripping elements


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