Schmalz ECBPi vacuum generator


775 g

The ECBPi is an intelligent and autonomous electric vacuum generator for lightweight robots and cobots. It is available for a wide range of robot brands and also as a ready-to-connect handling set including flange, gripper and connection cabling.
The system offers a powerful solution for compressed air-free vacuum generation. Core applications include the handling of suction-tight or slightly porous workpieces in mobile robotics, fully automated small parts handling, and stationary handling tasks.

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Safe processes are the highest good in the automation of handling operations. Consequently, monitoring of the processes is essential. For these reasons, Schmalz offers the ECBPi intelligent electric vacuum generator. Using an NFC interface, data can be conveniently transferred from the device to an operator’s smartphone and read out there.

Condition monitoring helps to reduce the potential for errors in the system and improves overall system availability. With the help of automatic suction power adjustment, the vacuum generator is particularly energy-efficient. This helps to reduce operating costs over total service life.

Technical data:
Suction capacity up to 12 l/min
Max. Vacuum: 75%
Integrated NFC and IO-Link interface
Number of gripping elements – Variable due to configurable suction unit

The Schmalz ECBPi in Action!


775 g
Number of gripping elements


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