Schmalz FQE Area Gripping System – Sealing Foam


165 g


35000 g

Flexible, fast and efficient – these are the characteristics that the FQE Area Gripping System from Schmalz combines into a single gripper. The FQE can handle products in a wide variety of pick-up positions, regardless of their size and geometry. In combination with collaborative robots, this makes the gripping system ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether for pick & place applications or end-of-line packaging in intralogistics, for handling tasks in the automotive sector or in electronics, the FQE is the ideal solution for a variety of different handling processes.


750,002.100,00 excl. VAT


Handling tasks in intralogistics vary widely. This makes it all the more important to have a system that can be easily tailored to your specific handling process. The Schmalz FQE Area Gripping System is designed expressly for this purpose. Thanks to its modular design, the gripper can be specially adapted to a wide variety of workpiece shapes and sizes, as well as to various process characteristics. For example, a wide variety of sealing foams can be selected. Options with internal or external vacuum generation offer further possibilities for individualization. With energy-efficient internal vacuum generation, the operating costs of the overall system can be reduced. The optional integrated control valves reduce also cycle times and interfering contours. The FQE is also available as a ready-to-connect handling set with the requisite robot interfaces.

Schmalz FQE in Action!


35000 g
165 g
350 N
Number of gripping elements


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