Schmalz FXCB Area Gripping System – Sealing Foam


1850 g


30000 g

The FXCB Area Gripping System is suitable for a wide variety of internal logistics applications with cobots. Specific areas of application include Pick & Place tasks and end-of-line packaging. In this version of the FXCB Gripping System, a flexible sealing foam serves as the sealing element. Suction cups can also be selected as an option. Pneumatic vacuum generation is integrated into the Area Gripping System and is driven by energy-efficient Schmalz SEP ejector modules.

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The paletization of cartons and boxes is often the starting point for automating processes in a given factory. In combination with collaborative robots, Schmalz offers the FXCB Area Gripping System specifically for palletizing applications. A key feature of the gripper is its advanced 3D-printed housing, which contributes significantly the surprisingly low weight of the entire gripping system. The FXCB System weights in at just around 2 kg, thereby increasing the effective payload of the attached robot.

In order to achieve an optimal seal, Schmalz offers a choice between a high-performance sealing foam with adhesive film or suction cups. The vacuum itself is generated by the SEP ejector modules integrated into the housing. For maximum reliability, an electronic vacuum and pressure switch for measuring and monitoring negative and positive pressure is integrated into the system. In combination with the NFC interface for easy and direct access to device data via smartphone, the FXCB can be perfectly integrated into the modern Industry 4.0 environment.

Technical data:

Load capacity (vertical) – 80 N
Load capacity (horizontal) – 350 N
Number of suction cells – 45

FXCB Area Gripping System takes on end-of-line packaging


30000 g
1850 g
350 N
Number of gripping elements


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