DH Robotics PGC-300


1500 g


6000 g

With stroke of 60 mm and a payload of 6 kg, the DH Robotics PGC-300 is designed to combine intuitive design with practicality. Offering impressive accuracy, self-locking, and large variety of other features, the PGC-300 is the perfect gripper for lightweight collaborative applications. Easy to set up, the PGC-300 comes with plug-ins for most major cobot brands including Universal Robots, OMRON, etc.


2.500,00 excl. VAT


The DH Robotics PGC-300 is an electric two-finger gripper designed for both industrial and collaborative applications. the award-winning PGC-300 gripper (Red Dot Award, IF Award) combines progressive design with proven reliability. The PGC-300 offers a stroke of 60 mm and a recommended payload of 6 kg.

With its self-locking functinality, maximum force limits, and other collaboration-oriented features, the DH Robotics PGC-300 is an ideal companion for your cobot. That said, the PGC-300 is not limited to cobots and it can also be employed with traditional industrial robots. This gripepr is designed to last and, with its IP67 rating, can handle pretty harsh environments. This makes the gripper particularly well-suited for CNC machine work, for example.

Another big benefit of the PGC-300 is just how simple setup is. DH Robotics offers plug-ins for a wide range of cobot brands including Universal Robots, OMRON TM, Hanwha, AUBO, Fanuc, and more. You can go from unboxing to putting your new gripper to use in just a few minutes.

Additional Technical Information

  • Communication Standard: Modbus RTU (RS485) Digital I/O interface
    • Optional: TCP/IP, USB 2.0,  CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
  • Opening/Closing Time: 0.8 s / 0.8 s
  • Recommended operating environment: 0-40 C, < 85% RH
DH Robotics PGC Gripper with a Cobot from Universal Robots


6000 g
1500 g
60 mm
600 N
Number of gripping elements


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