Aim Robotics FD High-V Fluid Dispenser


900 g

The Aim Robotics High-V Fluid Dispenser makes Plug&Dispense a reality! This modern, high-volume airless fluid dispenser is designed to make fluid dispensing easy and collaborative. Compatible with all Universal Robots cobots, it is UR certified and boasts a well-designed URCap with an intuitive interface.

The High-V is designed to work with an external large-volume grase pump system that supplies it with continuous flow at constant pressure. This combination allows for a reliable and effective high-volume fluid dispensing solution for collaborative applications.


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The Aim Robotics High-V Fluid Dispenser is a Plug&Dispense solution. It is a modern, airless fluid dispensing tool designed to be mounted on a collaborative robot. In the past, fluid dispensing was often a messy, imprecise and complicated task. Those times are over with the Aim Robotics High-V! With the High-V, clean, predictable, and accurate fluid dispensing is not only achievable, but even easy.

The Aim Robotics High-V Fluid Dispenser works with any cobot from Universal Robots and can be easily set up and programmed through its URCap. Dispensing is controlled, accurate, and reliable thanks to Aim Robotics’ single screw pump dispensing design.

The tool is airless – it does away with compressed air in favor of electricity. This means that a single M8 connection is all that is necessary to control and power the gripper, simplifying maintenance and reducing points of failure. The Aim Robotics High-V is designed to work in conjunction with a large colume grease pump system that supplies the dispensor with a continuous flow at constant pressure.

How it works
The High-V uses a single screw pump dispensing system; fluid is pumped through the system with an electrical motor removing the use of compressed air. The Aim Robotics URCap guides the user in setup and is easily reprogrammed. Further, the High-V’s cleaning cycles help to prevent fluid build up in the nozzle. You can control the dispnesing speed of the High-V from within the URCap.

Exchangeable Auger Screws

3 different auger screw sizes make FD Series dispensers the perfect fit for most dispensing applications:

  • 5mm pitch – used when either additional inherent flow resistance is required and/or a finer deposit rate control is required. Lowest flow rate.
  • 7.5mm pitch – appropriate for most applications. Inherent resistance and material flow are moderate.
  • 10mm pitch – used when high flow rates and low resistance to flow are required.


900 g
Number of gripping elements


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