EasyRobotics ProFeeder Flex

The EasyRobotics ProFeeder Flex is compact, mobile workstation for your cobot. Compatible with a large number of manufacturers, the EasyRobotics ProFeeder Flex provides the idea solution for machine tending, machine feeding, demonstation, testing, and other automation tasks. The ProFeeder Flex is available in three variations: a standard variation, one with an additional table, and one with three additional tables.


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The EasyRobotics ProFeeder Flex is the newest member of the ProFeeder family (a family of more than 500 units around the world!). The ProFeeder Flex is a robot cell that is designed to make manufacturing fast, more efficient, and above all, more flexible. It is a highly compact, adaptable, and maneuveurable machine tending system and has broad compatability with leading cobot brands.  Those brands include Universal Robots, Kassow Robots, Doosan Robotics, Hanwha, AUBO Robotics, FANUC and many more.

EasyRobotics, the manufacturer of the PreFeeder Flex, is a pioneer in the field of robotic machine tending. They have been designing innovative products that help manufacturers increase output and decrease costs, overhead, and downtime. The all-new ProFeeder Flex is one of their latest creations, and is designed to provide manufacturers unparalleled flexibility. With built-in, heavy-duty wheels, the ProFeeder Flex is designed to be easy to move an maneuverable as possible.

It’s all about putting the Manufacturers can select the ProFeeder Flex as per their requirement from three distinguishing models:

  1. FlexBase – ProFeeder Flex equipped with compartment for controller and pedestal
  2. FlexOne – ProFeeder Flex with one table
  3. FlexThree – ProFeeder Flex three tables

The ProFeeder Flex was designed using state-of-the art technology and buil with top-of-the-line materials. The cobot is centrally installed to maximize access to the tables and the surrounding area. The ProFeeder Flex also includes a place to mount the teach pendant and provides plenty of space in the compartment below to store the controller.

All cables and wires are hidden and kept out of the way. This way there is a much lower risk of an acccident occurring because of them or damage occurring to them. The controller and robot unit can be accessed through RJ45 after the installation process.



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