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Nordbo 3D Kamera NRV-D435 (Discontinued)

The NRV-D 3D Camera from Nordbo Robotics is an industrial grade camera for a wide variety of use cases. This camera is frequently used in Nordbo’s own application bundles and is based on proven Intel® RealSense™ technology. The camera casing is new and improved and even has an active lens cleaning option. The NRV-D 3D Camera includes a strong seal which protects the electronics from dust and water.
This products has been discontinued. Discover similar cameras here.

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Pick & Place

Detect packages and their orientation within the robot workspace using 3D vision technology

3D-based path planning

Generate a 3D model of the scanned surface and automate the path planning

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Develop your own innovative solutions and automate complex applications

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Field of view86
Min. Operating Distance105 mm
Max. FPS30
IP classificationIP65

Nordbo Robotics 3D Camera NRV-D435 uses proven Intel® RealSenseTM technology but integrated into a robust and IP-rated case ideal for dusty, dirty, or wet applications. The camera is available with a bracket that adds air circulation and further protects the lens from dust and dirt, making it a perfect choice for applications such as grinding, buffing, and polishing. The depth camera has a standard USB3 interface with built-in power connectors and features a wide field of view for depth and RGB sensors. In addition, the water- and dust resistant housing is optimized for industrial environments.
The Nordbo Industrial Depth Camera D435e is compatible with the Cross-platform SDK for Intel® RealSense™ devices, enabling multiple programming languages, wrappers, sample code and tools. This camera can be used with the Nordbo CraftMate Platform to acquire 3D data of the workpiece to be processed.
Other advantages of the Nordbo NRV-D435

Dust and waterproof IP65
Easy to install
Active IR Stereo depth technology
Available with air-based lens cleaning

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