Mech-Mind Nano

Working distance

300 – 600 mm

Due to its lightweight design, high flexibility and small size, the Mech-Mind Mech-Eye Nano can be installed on a variety of different robot arms (cobots, mobile manipulators, etc.). The camera is especially suitable for applications in small spaces.

Another special feature is its high precision: the Mech-Eye Nano camera produces excellent point clouds. This feature allows the robot to adapt to applications that require high accuracy., such as assembly, high-precision gripping, and inspection.


7.000,007.500,00 excl. VAT


Thanks to their advanced proprietary algorithms, Mech-Mind Robotics’ intelligent 3D cameras achieve high performance and provide high-quality 3D data of objects.

All Mech-Mind cameras have an aluminum alloy housing, designed to provide a solid, protective structure and therefore allow the cameras to withstand long-term use in industrial environments. Mech-Mind guarantees consistent performance even after many 10,000 hours of operation.
Every customer has specific requirements and to meet them, Mech-Eye cameras come in a variety of different sizes and configurations. In addition, customers have the option to select the Enhanced Option, which provides higher camera resolution.


Own weight
Field of view
Working distance
300 – 600 mm
Light type
Red light
Barcode type
Image resolution
Camera system
Pick & Place
Max. Read rate
Opening angle

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