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Psycle Interact Vision

With Psycle Interact Vision Box, you can easily and quickly build your own quality control cell. More than just software, this industrial solution allows you to collect images of your products easily, train the Psycle Deep Learning algorithms to recognize defects, and then interact with actuators on your production line to eject these non-conformities.

Whether you use one or several cameras, Psycle Interact Vision will help keep defects off your production line.

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€7,200.00 excl. VAT.

From 800,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Production ready

With Interact Vision, set everything up in one place: cameras settings, lights triggering, conveyor encoder, input trigs, ejectors. More than a control point, it interacts with your production line.

More than algorithms, an industrial process

No vision nor AI systems will achieve the desired performances on your products day one. However, Interact Vision helps you build iteratively your own quality control cell.

Growing compatibility

Interact Vision integrates many camera standards (mainly Genicam compatible brands), and more to come.


With Interact Cloud option, you can easily keep track of every detected defect. Your Quality Technicians will take advantage of the collected data to help improve your production processes.

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Psycle's goal is to enable any manufacturer to set up a new quality control cell within a matter of hours rather than days. Quality control systems play a central role in modern production lines and a diverse array of workers need to be able to use them: Operators (who start the system for new product runs and make basic changes), Quality Specialists (who teach the machine the OK / NOK tolerances), and Production Managers (who assure that the system runs in coordination with the production line, with conveyor encoders, cameras, triggers, etc.). Psycle Interact Vision provides all these functionalities and more.

Interact Vision comes with an IPC that acts as a line manager: It detects passing products, takes photos, analyzes the product images, and controls the 24V inputs and outputs depending on the results.

Interact Vision software comes installed in a ready-to-use industrial computer.

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