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INSPEKTO S70 is a complete AI based visual inspection system – simple to install and implement into the production line. It combines a unique electro-optics system with autonomous machine vision AI (AMV-AI) technology, creating an industrial autonomous visual inspection product for quality assurance. Delivered inspection ready, it can be used for various use-cases in a wide range of industries such as electronics, metal processing, plastic molding and more.

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€16,634.00 - €25,078.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Versatility. One product - multiple use-cases

Smart visual inspection of 3D metal and plastic parts, rubber and PCB assembly verification, labelling, print inspection, surface finishing, machining/drilling and more. Suitable for SMBs, as well as large corporations with multiple production facilities. Can inspect a wide variety of scenarios.

Easy and Immediate to deploy

Easy to install, designed for automatic self-adjustment of the part in terms of light and zoom; simple to use and manage by your own personnel, enabling a short deployment process; durable industrial grade design for endurance in manufacturing conditions. Locate in needed positions for incoming goods inspection or integrated into the production line for autonomous quality visual inspection - communicates with PLC for immediate results.

No coding or machine vision expertise needed

Inspection ready, INSPEKTO S70 is equipped with a unique AI technology and can easily adapt to new use cases with a minimal number of OK samples. Short lead time for full inspection vs. traditional machine vision solutions, this cost-effective solution can free you from the need for machine vision experts and recurring investment. One universal inspection system which can lead to a reduced total cost of ownership vs. traditional systems.

Full integration to automated manufacturing line (PLCs, Robots, etc.)

Smart, compact AI-driven visual inspection system delivered with all parts incl. controller unit, monitor, etc. It can be easily mounted and integrated in your production line or used in a stand alone station. Flexible mounting – either with flexible arm or on standard cobot* allowing multi-dimensional viewing of the inspected part. The product provides full control of the inspection process, reporting any quality issues in real time – improving overall yield.

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Providing an off-the-shelf, pre-configured AI-driven visual inspection product, INSPEKTO S70 is the cutting edge, smart solution needed for every production line’s visual quality control. It includes both hardware and software inside and is of industrial grade resilience suited exactly for the manufacturing environment. With anti-reflection, pre-trained recognition and defect detection capabilities, the product is easy to set-up, simple to install and delivers quick results with only ca. 20 parts needed to ignite the process. 

Inspekto GmbH specializes in machine vision technology, specifically Autonomous Machine Vision. It provides  manufacturing facilities with an ai-driven visual inspection system that eliminates the costly integration and set-ups that require 3rd parties, long-term commitment and limit the user to specifically defined use cases. 

With INSPEKTO, you can benefit from end-to-end automation - the key to efficient production - automated and fully controlled, creating a more agile, streamlined, cost-effective production. 


Core - This package includes the INSPEKTO S70 camera and inspection software described above.

Agile - This package includes all of the features of the basis model plus the following features

Muti profiles support to enable inspection of multiple different products on the same INSPEKTO S70 system. (Profile switching can be done via PLC communication or manually).
Archiving and traceability of inspection results on the INSPEKTO S70C Controller.


  • Own Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Field of View (@W.D=30 cm, Zoom=0): 190x290
  • Minimum Working Distance: 100 mm
  • Image Resolution: 3.2 MPixel
  • Minimum Defect Size (@W.D=30 cm, Zoom=0): 0.4x0.4
  • Max. Inspection Rate: 3 Hz
  • Opening Angle: Varies According to Zoom
  • Light Type: Integrated 4 segment flat dome white light with Anti-Reflection technology (Patent Pending) and PWM Sync

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