IFM O3D Camera

Field of view


Working distance

300 - 10.000 mm

Greater efficiency in industrial automation. With its innovative 3D sensors and 3D cameras, ifm has developed a new generation of cameras that increase effectiveness and ease of use in industrial automation. 

1.233,50 excl. VAT


With their growing capabilities and increasing ease of use, robots represent the beginning of a new era of ubiquitous helpers. Robotics will be the leading technology of a whole new generation of autonomous devices and vehicles. State-ofthe-art-technologies such as ultrasound, laser scanner, or radar are still used because of their proven reliability. Camera systems have become indispensable as an optical interface between the physical and digital world. This is because the goal of greater autonomy for robots can only be achieved if the digital image of reality is as detailed as possible. The 3D cameras check products for quality, recognize sought-after objects, or detect obstacles without time-consuming scanning. 


Own weight
745 g
Field of view
Working distance
300 – 10.000 mm
Light type
Barcode type
Image resolution
176 x 132 px
Camera system
Quality control, Pick & Place
Max. Read rate
25 Hz
Opening angle
60 x 45


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