FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D415e Starter Kit

Field of view

65° x 40°

Working distance

300-10000 mm

The FRAMOS D415e Industrial Depth Camera is a rugged, water and dust protected camera based on Intel® RealSense™ technology. With a field of view of 65° x 40° and a maximum cable length of 100m, the FRAMOS D415e is a versatile camera ideal for pick & place tasks.

The D415e starter kit includes the camera itself, an M12 to RJ45 Ethernet cable and an M8 power cable with wall plug.

899,00 excl. VAT


The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D415e is built with Intel® RealSense™ technology. The depth camera offers a field of view of approximately 72° (diagonal) for depth and RGB sensors. Further, the D415e features an industrial M12 Ethernet connection and an M8 power connector. Its waterproof and dustproof housing is optimized for industrial environments. The D415e is ideal for OEMs and integrators who require both 3D and 2D vision in their products and applications. The 55mm baseline rolling shutter depth sensors provide increased depth accuracy for applications requiring high precision compared to the D435e’s 50mm baseline global shutter sensors. The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D415e works with a modified version of the Cross-Platform SDK for Intel® RealSense™ devices.

Difference between the FRAMOS D435e und D415e Depth Camera
FRAMOS D415e Depth Camera Unboxing


Own weight
250 g
Field of view
65° x 40°
Working distance
300-10000 mm
Light type
Infrared light
Barcode type
Image resolution
1280×720 px
Camera system
Pick & Place
Max. Read rate
30 Hz
Opening angle
65° x 40°


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