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Leasing and installment program at Unchained Robotics

Want to automate but are leery about the cost? Then the Unchained Leasing or Installment Program might be for you! Scroll down below to find out more. Have any questions?

Benefits of

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No capital investment or collateral needed

Start automating and lease any robots you want without having to spend a substantial amount of money that hurts your cash flow.

Convenient & time saving

You can avoid the restrictions & long wait approval time that are involved in long-term loan from other financial institutions like banks.

Lower your debt-to-equity ratio

In your company balance sheet, unlike loans, lease obligations are not reported as a liability. As a result, leasing helps your company in reporting a lower debt-to-equity ratio.

Stay agile

The leasing plan can be adapted to fit your company’s needs. The term can go from 1 up to 84 months.
Also when your robotics equipment becomes outdated due to changing requirements or availability of more sophisticated solution, easily lease a new one with us.

Comparison with

Conventional Bank Loan

Unchained Robotics & DV Financing Plus
Unchained Robotics & DV Financing Plus
Conventional Bank Loan

Have a question?

Have a question?

Interested in leasing a robot or buying one on an installment plan? Or maybe you still have some questions? We’re here for you. Text us today and we’ll be happy to chat about our lease/installment program.
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Get in touch with us
1-2 Days
We'll help you choose the right automation solution for your business. Just tell us about your financing needs, whether you're interested in leasing or an installment plan, and we get back to you with what documents will be needed.
Financing process, deeper understanding
2 Weeks
You prepare all the information and our partner creates a request for you in the portal. After several days (max. 11), you will be offered a variety of solutions and you can choose which suits you best.
Approval & Shipping
1 Week
As soon as you have your financing agreement, we'll deliver your robot and solution.
3-4 Weeks
Are you planning a DIY project? Then you can start immediately! Otherwise, we are there for you to get the solution up and running!


Start reaping the benefits of industrial automation – Be more competitive, profitable, and grow faster!


A Market Leader

We are a family business with over 45 years of experience. With a turnover of almost 2 billion euros and a contract portfolio of over 220 billion euros in 2020, we’re also Germany’s largest independent financial advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing is a form of financing that offers many advantages over a traditional loan, especially for vehicles, machinery, technical equipment and IT. With this type of financing, the capital goods (robots) are not purchased but used for a fixed period of time in return for a fee.
This use of assets by your company, the lessee, is agreed by means of the leasing contract. The lessee pays a regular fee to the lessor. Through the contract, your company acquires the right to use the respective leased asset, while ownership remains legally with the leasing company.
No, your company does not own the robot after leasing period is over. The ownership remains legally with the leasing company.
Your company can opt for the installment plan, which we will explain below in details.
In the case of our installment plan offering, your company becomes the economic owner of the capital good. Thus, for example, the financed machine belongs to your fixed assets and is recorded in the balance sheet. The provider of the installment plan, the so-called hire seller, has a retention of title with this form of financing.
With the due payment of the last installment, the installment contract expires and the machine can continue to be used without contract extension or negotiation.
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