Print Industry

Reduce costs by automating repetitive processes

Print workers often have to lift heavy packages and perform monotonous and repetitive tasks. This can lead to physical problems, boredom, and oversights. On top of this, there are new environmental and sustainability objectives to which production processes must be adapted.

Robots, on the other hand, are particularly well suited to the accurate performance of repetitive tasks, regardless of the weight of the object to be moved or manipulated: stacking pallets, cartoning, binding – robots are more precise and their performance more consistent than that of human workers. A common application is palletising, but there are also robots that bind books, check quality, cut paper, etc.

The use of robots increases productivity, reduces costs, and relieves employees of tasks that are physically demanding but mentally unchallenging. These better working conditions may, in turn, make companies in the print industry more attractive for new employees. At the same time the number of errors can be reduced and production increased.

What are common applications of robots?

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