Optimise production and avoid errors

In research and development, as in the industrial production of medicines, robots can be used to gain a substantial increase in productivity. Be it in testing, lab management, quality control, packaging or other areas. However, strict hygiene regulations must be observed.

In principle, the task of pharmacists is to distribute medicine to patients. In other words, the right medicine, at the right time, to the right patient. In the past, a number of things have gone wrong at this stage and in the worst case scenario this can have fatal consequences.

Automating the dispensing processes can solve this problem. Robots make far fewer mistakes and at the same time give pharmacists and medical technicians the freedom to deal with more demanding and less monotonous tasks. They save time that they have previously spent counting and measuring and can concentrate on caring for patients.

Overall, the use of robots in the pharmaceutical industry can increase productivity, reduce waste, cut labour costs, provide better patient care, and increase safety.

What are common applications of robots?

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