Metalworking Industry

Make more and reduce the risk of injury

The metalworking industry is an extremely diverse sector that requires a high degree of accuracy and precision. The working conditions for human workers can be very strenuous and often involve a high level of risk. At the same time, the materials are very easy to handle for robots.

For these reasons, it is already the industry with the third most robots in use (however, the IFR here combines metal and machinery): within the last three years, the number of industrial robots in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industries has been constantly increasing. In 2019, the number of robots in use increased by 132,000 units for a total of 281,000 robots.

The use of robots can save costs, increase productivity, and protect workers from injury. This is particularly important because the global market for metal products is highly competitive. The improved precision and quality of production that can be achieved using robots also helps to bring products to market faster – which can be a decisive competitive advantage.

It should be noted, however, that metal surfaces can sometimes pose a challenge for cameras and machine vision software due to reflections, and the safety of employees should be a top priority.

What are common applications of robots?

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