Mechanical Engineering

Reduce costs, increase productivity: Staying competitive through robots

Mechanical engineering is an industry of extreme diversity: large installations such as those used in strip mining, as well as those found in households such as lawnmowers, are all products that belong to this industry. What they have in common is that they enable us to live the lifestyle that we’ve grown used to.

The competitive pressure is also high in this industry, which is why cost reduction and increased productivity are necessary to survive in the market. One way to meet these needs is to automate production processes with industrial robots. It is possible to automate a wide variety of production steps: This leads not only to higher efficiency, but also shorter time to market and lower costs.

An important distinction is made between mechanical engineering and special purpose machinery construction: while the latter is characterised by great variation, many processes in “normal” mechanical engineering are uniform and therefore easier to automate.

Together with the metalworking industry, mechanical engineering is the sector with the third most robots in use worldwide: with 281,000 active robots in 2019.

What are common applications of robots?

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