Optimise processes and protect employees

The chemical industry is a sector known for the risks involved. Consequently, the protection of employees is always a high priority. Robots can perform a number of important functions that make this possible.

Especially when handling toxic, radioactive, or explosive materials, heavy objects, or working in extreme environments (e.g., extreme heat or cold), robots can be used to protect people. Cleaning tanks that were previously filled with chemicals is a good example of how robots can be used to protect people. But they are also used in packaging.

However, in areas with such extreme environments, it is also important to ensure that the robot and its components are able to withstand the environmental conditions and that they don’t pose an additional risk (for example, from electrostatic charges in the immediate vicinity of explosive materials).

But robots don’t simply improve workplace safety, they also contribute to faster and more efficient production. This gives manufacturers a competitive advantage in production and a safer environment for employees. The concept of the smart factory has become increasingly important here in recent years. This is also reflected in the IFR figures: in 2019, more than 180,000 robots were in use in the chemical industry.


What are common applications of robots?

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