Automatic palletizing software AVA

Automatic palletizing and sorting of your printed products

AVA is the automated control software for robots in logistics. With the use of collaborative robots, processes can be automated in a space-saving way, in which packaging of various types is transported.

The automatic recognition by camera helps to detect product changes efficiently and to reduce downtimes due to complex programming to 0. Unchained Robotics provides the complete solution consisting of robot, camera and controller from one source:
fast, flexible and simple.

The latest robot technology enables space-saving and fast installation of your automation solution. Product stacks up to 16kg can be palletized or sorted. The right robot is used to suit your environment.

Based on the latest sensor technology, 3D information can be processed efficiently. Product variants of different basic formats and heights can be recognized and processed. Complex reprogramming can be saved.

The use of camera technologies brings flexibility and the possibility to sort products based on visual information. Thus, up to 12 orders can be recognized and sorted simultaneously by the system. A flexible and customized production becomes more efficient.



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