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September 19, 2023
Royal Montgomery
Further simplifying Automation – Ordering Robots and more with Billie!
Unchained Robotics is happy to announce that Billie is now an available payment method for customers of our automation platform! Billie is an established but rapidly growing German B2B payment services company that allows business customers to buy products on invoice. Instead of having to immediately pay for their goods (or use a more traditional and error-prone manual invoice), customers can opt to use Billie.

With Billie, their goods are shipped immediately, and payment can occur later!

Table of Contents

1. Why Buy Now Pay Later?
2. The benefits of Billie
3. How to use Billie
4. Another step toward easier automation

So, why Buy Now Pay Later?

In the world of automation – our world – many, if not the majority, of big component purchases are not paid for upfront, but rather within a set time after delivery. In other cases, there are complicated partial payment schedules where a percentage is paid for upfront, on delivery, and after a certain period of time after project completion. This is the most common with custom projects.

Buying smaller automation components, such as compact industrial PCs or replacement parts, has been available either by direct consumer-style purchase or, if you wanted to pay later, through traditional invoices – a paperwork-heavy method to order parts with two- and three-digit values.

All of these traditional payment methods remain on the Unchained Platform, however, with the addition of Billie, customers get next-level flexibility.

With Billie, customers can Buy Now and Pay Later, with high shopping cart limits, and with minimal paperwork. And that is just the beginning.

Some of the many benefits of Billie

Flexible payment terms – Not only does Billie allow customers to buy now and pay later, but it also allows customers to decide their own payment terms.

For many companies, a payment due date thirty days after order or shipment is the norm. And these are the standard payment terms when you place an order on our marketplace and pay with Billie. However, for other companies an even longer period is necessary. In some cases, this is due to internal company policy, but in others, especially for smaller businesses, it can be required to manage cashflow.

When an integrator is working on a major project that will be delivered and paid for in 60 days, buying and paying for all the material 30 days before delivery can be a major drag on cashflow and, in some cases, be a reason not to handle a project.

With Billie we can offer payment terms of up to 90 days, giving companies plenty of time to collect payment for completed projects before having to pay their own bills. This makes cashflow management significantly easier.

A variety of payment options – Not all companies want to or can pay for their goods using the same payment methods. Unchained Robotics already offers payment methods like Credit, Debit, and even PayPal. But with Billie, you also have a choice of payment methods, from a simple bank transfer to a frictionless SEPA transfer (for European customers).

This not only makes buying more accessible for companies using the Unchained Marketplace, but it makes it much more convenient. Use your favorite payment method and pay how you like.

Fast Verification – Billie also handles customer identification and verification: Billie's scoring algorithm is able to identify a broad range of legal entities from sole traders to public institutions. With their real-time verification, customers on the Unchained Platform can be rapidly verified so that they can move on with their purchase and get back to their day.

Central Payment Portal – Already familiar with Billie? Great! Then you’ll be happy to know that, like all Billie-powered purchases, you can review, manage, track, and pay for your purchases from within the unified Buyer Portal.

Here you can keep track of all of your invoices – past and outstanding – as well as make payments, manage your spending, and more.

How it works

Billie is built directly into the Self-Checkout function of the Unchained Robotics Marketplace. When you are in the payment stage of checkout, instead of choosing credit card, PayPal, or some other method, you just choose “Billie.”

You will then need to input some information about your business, choose your payment terms, and go! You will be able to see all of your open invoices in the Billie Portal (on the Billie website) and easily pay them off at your leisure either via Bank Transfer or SEPA transfer.

Another step toward easier automation

The introduction of Billie into the Unchained Platform is the next step on our journey to simply every stage of automation. With Billie, we have added a new and versatile payment option to our Platform.

We have been working to make the finding, choosing, and purchasing of automation components and solutions significantly easier. And with Billie, payment has also become much easier.

Thanks to Billie, our customers can now choose not just how, but when they want to pay.
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